remember where you lost it is a newsletter about the ephemeral; the moving parts and the parts that move us.

part memoir, part commentary, this project is a place for me to to unpack, process and share the writing i do behind the writing; the things that attempt to make it all make sense.

this may include personal essays, cultural commentary, research brain dumps, adventures as a chaos magnet, sharing of processes, visual or aural inspiration and general recommendations.

you can learn more about me and read some of my published writing on my website here, follow my visual diary on instagram, rants and shitposts on twitter; or check out what i’m listening to on spotify.

the newsletter is still a baby, and i don’t know where it’s going yet but i’d love it if you came along for the ride.

- noelle faulkner

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noelle faulkner ⚡️
things that move, things that move us and things that are moving.